Q+A with Axiell Flow Product Manager, Matt Lawrence

We’re delighted at the warm reception Axiell Flow has been given since its launch late last year. This ground-breaking product is a step forward for the culture sector and you can read more about the product’s strategic value in the Axiell Flow press release.

Matt Lawrence, Product Manager

But how does this product change the daily lives of our users?

To learn more about this transformative solution, I sat down (virtually) with Axiell Flow Product Manager, Matt Lawrence. Here’s what he had to say.

Give me the Axiell Flow overview.

Axiell Flow is a cloud-based workflow add on product for Axiell Collections or EMu.

It adds task-based workflow functionality to your collections management system (CMS) to streamline processes within your institution. This could include activities such as object entry or exit, movements, condition checking, and more. The purpose of the product is to streamline your internal processes, scale up efficiency, all while ensuring data integrity.

How does Axiell Flow work?

Axiell Flow utilizes a BPMN engine, which stands for business process model and notation, to define workflows that can be carried out against CMS data. Workflows are built to your unique internal processes. A workflow can then be used over an over again to action an internal process. Once activated, a workflow becomes an Axiell Flow Activity.


Each activity is made up of individual tasks that are carried out by an end user or a member of the team.


And each of those tasks is accompanied by a form, and the form allows the user to fill out information, which will ultimately be stored in the collection management system.


For example, an end-to-end workflow could assist in all the tasks required to perform a condition check.

Tell me more about what you can do with Axiell Flow.

Axiell Flow is very customizable and configurable system. It allows you to design and build bespoke, institution-specific workflows. Workflows can be based around standards to ensure all work at the institution remains compliant.


Each process in Axiell Flow is integrated with the CMS. Each form can be linked back to fields, databases, or modules to allow users to read and write information to and from the CMS in real time. Since this is done live, Axiell Flow doesn’t store any copies of the data; it reads and writes the information straight from the collection management system database so that the information is always up to date.


Does Axiell Flow help open the CMS to more contributors?

You may have users in the institution that might not have a login to your CMS, either due to their role or training that might be involved.


Axiell Flow offers a simple and easy-to-use interface that empowers more people to interact with the CMS. For example, a casual volunteer can add data to the CMS via an Axiell Flow form without ever having to log into Axiell Collections or EMu.


We’re trying to replace complex interfaces with simplified forms and workflows that can be passed between roles or departments and allow more people to interact on a day-to-day basis with the system.


What are the benefits of using Axiell Flow?

The first thing is staff efficiency and productivity. Axiell Flow tracks the status of activities and tasks. It’s in control of when tasks happen and who is responsible for each one.


This allows staff to focus their time and energy on each task while the system does the job of remembering the status of the workflow.


It helps ensure consistency and reduce human error as well. The forms within Axiell Flow can be configured with required fields and data entry restrictions so you can be specific about the format of dates or other forms of information. This ensures that the data being entered into the CMS is of good quality and that no tasks and fields are skipped.

And one of the biggest benefits is improving cross departmental working. You can build activities and tasks that transfer work between departments.


For example, if you’re performing a digitization request, the activity can move from the initial request through to the transportation team’s task queue, and then on to the reproduction department’s task queue. In this scenario the handover of responsibility is all handled by Axiell Flow.

What are the benefits of cloud-based technology?

There are significant benefits to the cloud-hosted infrastructure of Axiell Flow. With cloud products, there’s no need to upgrade. Axiell maintains one up-to-date product version and all customers use the same version of the product.


And in addition, cloud software requires no hardware because it’s completely hosted by Axiell. This means cost savings because you don’t have to spend time resourcing and sourcing hardware and staff for IT departments.


Flexibility and mobility are also benefits. Cloud products offer more on-demand functionality. For example, if you have an increase in usage, the system will meet that demand and scale accordingly. And of course, cloud hosting gives you the mobility to use Axiell Flow when you’re away from your desk.


Axiell Flow in Summary:

Axiell Flow is a browser-based cloud product that integrates with your collections management system. It empowers you to perform activities that are important to the management of your collection through custom-built workflows, tasks, and forms.


Streamline your internal processes, scale up efficiency, and ensure data consistency with Axiell Flow. Reach out to us to learn more.


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