Quria Library Directors’ Forum membership grows rapidly enabling future strategic product development

In the spirit of learning and collaboration, Axiell has launched a Quria Library Directors’ Forum. The forum will provide a place for Library Directors in the Quria User Community to share experiences using the software, collaborate on strategic product development, receive product updates from Axiell and exchange on international trends and formats. The forum is growing fast and new delegates from leading libraries in Europe took part.

The second digital meeting took place on April 27. Directors from libraries in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Finland and Germany met virtually to share insights and listen to invited speakers and representatives from Axiell. The session concluded with a talk from keynote speaker Lotte Hviid Dhyrbye from the Danish initiative Think Tank – Libraries of the Future.

“The Quria customers community is growing and we were happy to welcome new Directors in this second session”, says Ann Melaerts, VP Strategic Initiatives and responsible for the Quria Library Directors’ Forum.

Forum participants left the meeting with actionable insights like “Latest news about Quria”, “Best practices from migrating to Quria”, “How to build a community with Quria” and “How to transform your library”. Lotte Hviid Dhyrbye shared her insights about the Danish initiative Think Tank for Libraries.

“With the forum, we want Quria users to feel part of a community in which they can learn and exchange ideas together. This kind of community also creates opportunities for us to get to know our users better, learn how to engage with and integrate their innovations into our roadmaps, and assess what they need from their relationship with us. We are constantly looking at improving communication with our customers and this initiative is a crucial step towards that goal”, Ann Melaerts added.


For more information:

Ann Melaerts
Vice President Strategic Initiatives
Phone: +32 475 72 67 54
Email: ann.melaerts@axiell.com

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