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SNOKA libraries goes digital

Snoka libraries choose Axiell’s cloud-based platform Quria and Axiell Arena as the basis for a modern and accessible library for the 200,000 inhabitants of the municipalities.

The Snoka libraries are a collaboration involving six municipalities in north-eastern Skåne, Sweden: Bromölla, Hässleholm, Hörby, Kristianstad, Osby and Östra Göinge. The cooperation has existed since 2013 and includes just over 30 libraries of very different sizes, from city libraries to branches and two book buses. They believe that Quria will be a boost for their business.

“Quria is a more accessible and timely system, and we will be able to work more smoothly and efficiently. Major advantages for the solution to support our business include the fact that it is a cloud service and does not require installation, which means the system is continuously updated without downtime. For local residents, it means better service and support for our mission to promote reading. We as staff will be able to find other and new ways to orient ourselves in our media offerings and will have new opportunities to present our entire activities”, says Helén Hellberg, librarian at Kristianstad municipality.

Quria is a platform where all of the library’s resources and workflows can be managed together. This includes physical collections, digital resources, library activities, events, e-media and all communication channels. Quria provides the library with a modern structure for the metadata in its collections. The metadata structure in Quria supports linked data, and is aligned with emerging metadata standards such as FRBR, IFLA-LRM and RDA.

Quria’s data format allows metadata to be better understood and used outside the traditional library catalogue, and creates entirely new opportunities for libraries to promote their information and collections outside their own systems. The structure of works, expressions, manifestations and copies allows the data to be presented in a more intuitive and accessible way for the patron. Search results are clearer and reservations are easier.

The system simplifies the staff’s internal work and frees up time for initiatives like visitor outreach and reading promotion. It is cloud-based and works behind the scenes so that the library does not need to be closed for updates to the solution.

”The fact that Snoka libraries, after a careful evaluation process, has found that Quria, together with Arena Nova and WeLib, best supports a large public and school library collaboration is of course great news for us. We are extremely proud and excited to deliver the next generation of library systems to Snoka and we look forward to continuing to develop our services in close collaboration with the libraries”, says Joachim Läckberg, Axiell’s Public Library Manager in Sweden.

For more information:

Maria Wasing, COO Axiell
Telefon: + 46 73 852 17 52
Epost: maria.wasing@axiell.com

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