Watch: Working in Scale: Doing it “the Oodi way”

Watch Riikka Leskinen’s talk from Axiell Live, a 1-day event run by our Public Library colleagues in Sweden

Riikka Leskinen works as a Pedagogical Information Specialist at Helsinki’s high-tech central library, Oodi. The library, which was designed and planned in close collaboration with its users, opened at the end of 2018 and has had well over a million visitors.

Riikka talks about what it is like to work in an organisation with a strong ethos, clear purposes and how to optimise work so that you can reach as many people as possible. They have succeeded in this purpose, by:

  • Setting clear goals for the entire organisation
  • Treating staff as people and listening to their thoughts
  • Decentralising decisions to smaller groups
  • The groups elect their group leader for a limited time
  • Each employee owns their area of work
  • Management “protects” employees from “bureaucracy”

Together this leads to “things being done” and the business has increased dramatically

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