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With nature as a neighbour, Ekgården’s Upper Secondary School enables accommodation for students to be combined with activities run on the basis of medical education and environmental therapeutic elements. The school is one of Sweden’s smallest, but even small libraries need to be organised.

Anders Jansson, library manager, explained;

“We had neither organised the books nor even the right kind of books for our business. I got a tip from the municipal library in Gnesta to look closer at the school library system WeLib. It suited us perfectly because it is scalable to fit both large and small school libraries. Now I will first sort what we have, and then focus on buying relevant literature.Then we will connect the system to Legimus, among others”.

There are also a lot of magazines used by the staff at Ekgården, so Anders will create both a student library and a staff part with more specialised literature;

“It will be much better when everything is searchable.Today, many do not know what we have in the house.”

Anders explains that the teachers will also be able to utilise WeLib’s self-publishing tools. He got the idea when he visited Axiell’s user meeting, during a lecture on WeLib’s various functions;

“We as staff attend many different course, so we can share that information and internally educate each other by self-publishing in WeLib. I also expect to increase reading amongst the staff, in both trade and fiction. Once everything is structured in WeLib, we will be able to add tips and collaborate more easily.”

In addition to structuring everything in WeLib, Anders plans to decorate the library as well;

“My hope is that the room can also be booked for reading. I will make it cozy with a sofa and coffee table. As a mixture of a living room and library” he concludes.

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