Working with EMu from Home – options for remote working

Using the EMu desktop client

To get full access at home to the data and features of EMu you will need to use the Windows desktop client. There are three methods for accessing EMu in this way:

Using the desktop client from home

You will need:

    • The EMu desktop client installed on a Windows PC or laptop at home.
  • A VPN or other secure network connection to your workplace.

This is the most common way of accessing EMu remotely and it is how we provide remote support to most of our customers.

The only disadvantage to using EMu in this way is that the EMu client can sometimes be slow as the desktop client and EMu server are talking over the internet; typically this is slower than you will be used to when working with EMu in your workplace.

Only have a Mac?

There are solutions (e.g. but they require some technical know-how to set up. Contact Axiell Support if you need assistance.

Connecting to a remote desktop session

You will need:

  • Remote desktop infrastructure provided by your organisation.
  • A way to connect to this from home.

This method is how we provide hosting services to EMu. Because the EMu desktop client and EMu server are on the same network and not separated by the internet as they are in the method above, the EMu desktop client runs faster.

Also, because the EMu client is provided through remote desktop, this method works whether you are using Windows or a Mac.

However, it is more complex to set up, and if your institution doesn’t already have infrastructure in place, it may be difficult to do so at short notice.

Using EMu through Citrix or another browser-based technology

You will need:

  • A remote connectivity solution or gateway hosted by your organisation.

Your organisation may already host some desktop software through a browser. If so, you may just need to request that the EMu desktop client is also made available in this way!

Again, if this infrastructure is not already provided by your organisation, it might be difficult to set up at short notice.

Alternatives to the EMu desktop client

There are two main alternatives to using the EMu desktop client, both of which require a secure network connection to your workplace.

You will need:

  • A secure connection to your workplace.


Sapphire allows you to build and deploy targeted interfaces containing subsets of fields from EMu. It is delivered through a web browser and designed to work over slower connections, so for some tasks, it may be simpler to access and use than the EMu desktop client.

Sapphire uses the same pool of licences as EMu so no additional licences should be required. If you do not already have Sapphire, there is an installation charge. Please contact Axiell Support for details. Once available, Sapphire allows you to build your own interfaces to EMu.

Axiell Go

Axiell Go is our next generation browser-based interface to EMu, working across all screen sizes. Compared to Sapphire, which is form based, working with Axiell Go is more like working with your EMu Collections Management system, and larger subsets of fields and modules can be comfortably used.

Axiell Go does not carry a separate licence charge to EMu. However, if you do not already have Axiell Go, there is an installation charge. Please contact Axiell Support for details. All that is required is for us to install it on your network, and for your network managers to provide you with secure access to it.

For more information, please contact the service desk.

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