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EMu consultations are informal collaborative workshops, facilitated by an experienced Axiell rep. They can include a range of activities such as refresher training, one on one work, tailored training, and IMu consulting (one-on-one session with an IMu developer).

They are flexible resource sessions designed to help you power through current questions and challenges. Using an agile approach, we identify your needs and partner with you to efficiently tackle your database “to do” list and provide a jump-start to addressing your system priorities.

It is recommended to have completed the How to use EMu course or have a similar competency with the EMu system.

Course type Course
Price Starting at AUD 2,000 Starting at AUD 2,000
Duration Variable, depending on your requirements. Variable, depending on your requirements.
This course can be hosted in the Melbourne Axiell Office for up to 4 attendees, or on the customer’s premises for a recommended limit of 8 attendees.

I very much enjoyed the pace of the course and the level of interactivity he achieved, in spite of the fact that we were doing remote training.

Darcy Shapiro New Jersey State Museum

Found the course interesting and engaging! The instruction was very comprehensive. Really liked the use of the training environment.

Emily Bamforth, Royal Saskatchewan Museum Royal Saskatchewan Museum

[The trainer] did a great job of making sure everyone's questions and concerns were addressed, and made sure that everyone had a comprehensive understanding of the concepts we covered.

Julie McVey National Geographic, Washington D.C

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