Claire Lambert - Royal Armouries

EMu at Royal Armouries

Watch the interview with Claire Lambert, Documentation Officer at Royal Armouries Museum

Royal Armouries Museum is the national museum of arms and armour in the UK, with origins in the Tower of London but now spread across the UK. Claire tells us about the importance of their collection, which contains 79,000 objects, 118,000 archives, 60,000 images, including the fascinating story of why NASA came to study Henry VIII’s 500 year old armour.

Claire talks about her excitement about upgrading their EMu system, and how the improvements to user experience will help Royal Armouries do more with EMu and improve the way information is presented to users.

There were also lessons learned during the Coronavirus pandemic about the importance of having as much information in the collections management system as possible. This enabled staff to work remotely without having to go into object stores, it enabled Royal Armouries to keep their online collection better updated and helped them reach a wider audience.

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The EMu Collections Management System has been at the forefront of collections management for more than three decades. Comprehensive and flexible, EMu can accommodate the requirements of any collecting institution.

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