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General information
What is Axiell Flow?

Axiell Flow is a workflow automation tool designed to ensure efficiency and consistency around work with the collection.

What kinds of organizations use Axiell Flow?

Axiell Flow can be used to streamline work at a variety of institutions including museums, archives, film institutes, galleries, heritage sites, corporate archives, universities, religious institutions, schools and private collectors. Anyone who is managing a collection of historical, cultural or scientific significance can benefit from Axiell Flow.

What devices does Axiell Flow work on?

Axiell Flow is a web-accessible solution that works through an up-to-date browser. An internet connection is also required.

How much does Axiell Flow cost?

Axiell Flow is a SaaS (software as a service) solution and is therefore purchasable via a subscription package. Request a demo of Axiell Flow to learn more about package options and pricing.

Is Axiell Flow priced per license?

The subscription model for Axiell Flow includes the user licence. It does not take up Axiell Collections or EMu user licences.

What’s included in the base subscription for Axiell Flow?

The base subscription of Axiell Flow includes the software, a library of template workflows, access for a team of concurrent users, and access to the Forms designer. Template workflows include object entry, acquisition and accessioning, cataloguing objects, object location change, condition checks, incoming and outgoing loans, transportation, and digitisation.

Reach out to us to request pricing and packaging information.

How customisable is Axiell Flow?

Everything is customisable within Axiell Flow! Fields visible in Axiell Flow forms can be customised through the Axiell Flow form designer. If you want to capture data in a new field, that modification can be done by first creating the new field within your CMS. Once the field is created, it can be used in an Axiell Flow form.

Activities or workflows can be created and modified using an application called Flowable Modeler. Flowable is an open source BPMN engine which Axiell Flow utilises at the core of the product.

Which Axiell products integrate with Axiell Flow?

Axiell Flow integrates with our Axiell Collections and EMu Collections Management Systems.

Will Axiell Flow replace Axiell Move?

No, Axiell Move has functionality not provided by Axiell Flow, including bar code scanning and offline use.

Will Axiell Flow replace Sapphire?

No, Sapphire was designed as a rapid data entry tool with specific functionality that is different to Axiell Flow.

Does Axiell Flow store collections data?

Axiell Flow doesn’t store any collections data. All data is maintained inside the CMS and is read and written back to the CMS in real time through Axiell Flow. Axiell Flow only obtains the data required for the current task and only writes back what is needed to update any records.

What kinds of metrics or reporting is available with Axiell Flow?

We are adding reporting functionality in an upcoming release. Initially via APIs that can export data to a third-party analytics tool, and eventually through native reporting dashboards that will show use and activity across Axiell Flow.

Can tasks be assigned to teams of people so that the first person available can pick up the next task based on bandwidth?

Yes! Users can select tasks from an unassigned task pool that is set up by team. For example, the digitisation team will see a list of all unassigned digitisation tasks. Once a user claims a task, that task is only visible to them.

I'm a manager. How can I monitor tasks assigned to my team?

We are in the process of developing a manager view that will allow managers to see all tasks assigned to team members and reassign tasks to different team members.

Can workflows trigger other workflows?

Yes! In the BPMN backend, you can set up a parent workflow which can be used to start one or more child workflows. Depending on your needs, parameters can be put in place to ensure that the parent workflow doesn’t progress until all the child workflows have finished successfully.

Can external sources trigger workflows?

Axiell Flow has an API that can be used to initiate workflows and pass data from external requests (eg. A form on your website) into the workflow. The API can be used to pass data from the form to Axiell Flow and initiate a workflow based on that data.

Is there an API between Axiell Flow and my CMS?

Yes! An Axiell Flow Shim API will be installed alongside your CMS. The Shim API is used to convert Axiell Flow requests into something that your CMS will understand. It is simply an API layer used to communicate with the CMS to obtain data and information.

Can alerts about tasks be delivered outside of Axiell Flow?

Currently we are developing functionality to send email alerts about tasks.

Will Axiell Flow tell me if information is missing from a form before allowing me to proceed?

You can set required fields on every form that limit the user’s ability to proceed if information is missing or improperly formatted (eg. DD/MM/YY versus MM/DD/YY).

Does Axiell Flow work offline?

No, not at this time. Since Axiell Flow does not store data, it requires a real time connection to your CMS via the Internet.

Customer success
Will I have the opportunity to interact with other Axiell customers?

All our customers are invited to our free annual user conferences and events, where you can meet and network with other customers while receiving software training, updates and contribute to future development.


You can also sign up to our online community to gain help and support from other users.

How will I be kept up to date with information about my software and services?

There are regular monthly newsletters for customers which include availability of new software versions, as well as event and webinar invitations, community news, tips and blogs and more.


Software updates and manuals are regularly updated and can be accessed from the support page.


You can attend any of our regular webinars and events, or take part in our online community to stay informed.

How can I contribute to the development of the software?

Our customers are given access to a portal where users can submit ideas for development of the software. Other users, can vote for existing ideas and add new ones, and you can watch the status of the idea to see if it has been moved forwards onto our software roadmap or ready for release. This allows our community to drive the development of the things they care most about.

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