Watch: Revision, Relevance and Building a More Inclusive, Sustainable Future – Nina Simon

Watch Nina Simon’s talk from Axiell Live, a 1-day event run by our Public Library colleagues in Sweden

Nina Simon is a lecturer, former director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History and author of books such as The Art of Relevance. She has been called “museum visionary” by Smithsonian Magazine and is the creator of the popular blog Museum 2.0. Today she leads the non-profit organisation OF/BY/FOR ALL which helps public institutions around the world.

In Nina’s talk, “Revisioning Relevance to become OF/BY/FOR ALL”, she discusses collaboration between society and local cultural institutions, and how active work to involve and engage citizens makes a difference. Among other things, she emphasises that:

  • Most employees can imagine changing their way of working when they see / understand that the organisation becomes more relevant to the users.
  • A plan for change must have clear goals and a readiness for resistance along the way.
  • An organisation can be proactively anchored in the local community when the organisation participates and contributes to that community.
  • The local community becomes an involved, integrated part of the organisation.
  • The Santa Cruz Museum is a testament to successful integration.

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