Watch: Richard Gerver gives insight into his latest book: “Education: A Manifesto for Change”

In this webinar, award-winning speaker and bestselling author, Richard Gerver, shares insights from his latest book “Education: A Manifesto for Change”.

With compassion, Richard explains what skills, behaviors and attributes our children need to achieve success in the modern world, and how to foster them as an educator.

In the complexity of the year, we just lived through, in the challenges of the future, please let’s try and keep it simple. And let’s try and remember that the solutions lie in us as human beings.

Richard imparts more wisdom by sharing stories from his life. He talks about exiting encounters with the physicist and Nobel Laureate, Barry Barish, as well as the former president of the United States, Barack Obama. He also tells a funny story of his visit to the world’s first Starbucks in Seattle where he did not have the courage to order a cup of coffee.

The following Q&A period, held by Martina Lundström, culminates in Richard’s rescue dog playing with the microphone cord under his desk. Enjoy the video!

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