Axiell’s Digital Engagement Platform Chosen by Johnson County Museum to Offer Inclusive Access to Redlining Exhibit

Toronto, Canada, February 15 2024 – Axiell, the world’s leading software and services provider for the cultural sector, forges a new partnership with the Johnson County Museum to bring its publicly celebrated exhibit and publication, REDLINED: Cities, Suburbs, and Segregation, online for global audiences. Johnson County Museum has selected Axiell’s product, CultureConnect, to create an immersive online exhibition and digital legacy for the exhibit which closed to the public last year.

CultureConnect is an award-winning platform that is praised for its ability to weave visually beautiful, content rich, and deeply interactive digital stories. The platform’s no-code content management system is designed to give museum teams the ability to design, build, and edit digital experiences as needed. The out-of-the-box solution will support a quick transition online for the exhibit and empower Johnson County Museum with analytics to measure engagement and optimize the experience over time.

Johnson County Museum holds more than 1.3 million photographs, 20,000 artifacts, and 300 cubic feet of archival material. The exhibit REDLINED: Cities, Suburbs, and Segregations takes visitors on a deep dive into the history of redlining, and how it has both shaped and been shaped by the Johnson County region. After the exhibit received overwhelmingly positive visitor feedback and critical acclaim, the choice was made to convert the installation into a permanent online experience. Generously funded by the efforts of the Friends of the Johnson County Museum and those who gave to the campaign, this project with Axiell and CultureConnect will give the redlining exhibit a digital platform to expand its reach, audience, and impact beyond the county lines.

“We are incredibly excited to see the exhibit reimagined digitally, in a way that offers free and inclusive access to dynamic and interactive content to audiences in Johnson County and beyond. Through the CultureConnect platform, visitors will be able to drive their own experience, navigating content at their own pace, and uncovering the exhibit’s stories as they go,” said Johnson County Museum Director Dr. Mary McMurray.  “We also look forward to using CultureConnect’s engagement analytics to facilitate ongoing conversations on this important topic.”

“Johnson County Museum has created an exhibit that has ignited a passionate dialogue in its community. Axiell’s mission is to help cultural institutions create communities that are conscious, informed and culturally rich, and so we are delighted to be the chosen vendor to give its transformative content a digital platform.” Says Axiell CEO, Maria Wasing. “CultureConnect will enable the museum team to create a digital experience that is as multifaceted and ever evolving as the history of redlining in Johnson County.”

About Axiell

Axiell’s solutions help institutions share culture and knowledge with the world. Our software and services assist them to manage their collections, encourage reading, preserve cultural heritage, improve learning and increase engagement with the public. Our customers are libraries, museums, archives and schools in 60 countries. We develop innovative digital tools to transform the way they work and connect with their audiences. We do this from 24 offices globally, with headquarters in Sweden.

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Photos courtesy of Johnson County Museum


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