Recordings Available from the North American User Conference

Recordings Available from the North American User Conference

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Our 2022 Holiday donation goes to World Literacy Foundation

Every year Axiell supports an important cause by donating a gift on behalf of our...

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Discovering CultureConnect: Top 10 Questions We Get Asked in the First Meeting

We’ve had countless discovery calls with museums over the years. Across museum type, size, location...

By Rielle Ullberg July 20, 2022

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Create Once, Publish Anywhere: Distribution Channels for CultureConnect

The Where, How, and Why of Publishing and Distributing Your Applications Each museum has a...

By Rielle Ullberg July 11, 2022

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Museum Software: To Build or Buy?

What is build vs. buy?  When should museums build in-house rather than buy an existing...

By Rielle Ullberg July 1, 2022

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Check out the CultureConnect Ratings Module

We developed four react/respond modules to offer visitors a fun, interactive way to engage and...

By Rielle Ullberg June 21, 2022

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How to Secure Budget for Your Next Digital Project

It’s budget season! We support our clients during the annual budget process, when appealing to...

By Rielle Ullberg May 15, 2022

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Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Digital Design

By Rielle Ullberg May 2, 2022

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Ditch the RFPs. Meet CultureConnect's Enterprise Package.

No More Endless Market Research, RFPs, or Reinventing the Wheel. CultureConnect's Enterprise License gives you...

By Rielle Ullberg April 20, 2022

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How CultureConnect Eliminates Your IT and AV Maintenance Problems

The challenges you face with other digital engagement software Managing touchscreen interactives in museums can...

By Rielle Ullberg April 15, 2022

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Digital Scavenger Hunts and Games: Powered by CultureConnect

Our Scavenger Hunts & Games work within museums and across cities, through challenges and clues, immersing visitors...

By Rielle Ullberg April 8, 2022

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