Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Digital Design

Create Once, Publish Anywhere

CultureConnect’s products are all designed with responsiveness in mind so you can meet visitors in the museum, in their homes, and anywhere they’re connected.


Wait, what’s responsive design again?

Responsive design is an approach to web design that allows your digital experience to shine on a variety of devices, screen sizes, and display orientations. You create an application once and the design adjusts (or, responds) to these different conditions automagically.


In the example above, the masonry tile layout adjusts to a two column layout on a tablet and a one column layout on mobile phones. The font sizes also adjust slightly based on screen size and resolution.

Why Does This Matter To My Museum?


1. Creative Freedom

Your digital and exhibition design teams can choose their ideal tools for your exhibition story. Here, we took four interpretive approaches to media and the French Revolution, each one optimizing the content, device, and UI layout:


Robespierre’s Reign: 43” touchscreen, timeline layout. In-gallery large display perfect for media focus and exploring the key events during his Reign of Terror.


French Revolution: 12.3” touchscreen, bottom console, portrait orientation. Explore the war through historic objects accessible through the bottom circular buttons.


Political Cartoons: 27” touchscreen, column scroll. Each cartoon begins your journey into a complex social and political issue influencing the French Revolution.


Propaganda & The French Revolution: 12.9” Masonry tile single column. Learn the political significance of (in)famous artworks responding to the war or it’s influence on the narrative.


2. Flexibility and broad access

Our system’s design and feature configurations deliver you bespoke experiences. You have the flexibility to optimize your designs for specific devices and orientations (like the four examples above), or create it with maximum distribution across devices in mind (like the Egyptian gold example).


Want to talk about responsivity? Reach out and connect with our team!

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