Explore the future of CultureTech at our free digital event streaming June 11 & 13

Explore the future of CultureTech at our free digital event streaming June 11 & 13

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Check out the CultureConnect Ratings Module

We developed four react/respond modules to offer visitors a fun, interactive way to engage and express themselves. Use responses and feedback give your team direct access to the data needed to better understand their thoughts and feelings about your collection or museum experience.


Ratings with a touch of flare 

First up, the ratings module: a simple, straightforward way to get visitors to express their opinion. Rate using hearts, stars or thumbs up. In this example, visitors are asked to rate how haunted the famous Saint Louis No. 1 cemetery is in New Orleans using thumbs up.


We chose thumbs up because it implies reinforcing or agreeing with an idea. Hearts imply liking (or loving) something with emotion while stars imply a more objective evaluation.


Of course, ratings can be applied to any artwork, object, idea, location or experience. Once visitors select a rating, the trending average rate pops up.

Smile with your eyes

Unleash your visitors’ creative expression with the emoji module. Users are challenged to respond to prompts using the visual language available on an emoji keyboard. Emojis offer playful ways to express feelings (sometimes positive, negative, confused, even contradictory, which is not unusual after learning about complex subjects often found at museums – if not the hallmark of a successful museum experience).


Of course, the emoji keyboard includes a wide range of pictorial options so you can ask more object-based questions. For instance, in this example of a Fede Galizia still-life after visitors learn about composition and symbols, we ask visitors to imagine what food or objects they would include in their still-life.


Insert any image (or, sticker) and ask visitors to vote – select a favorite artwork, object or ideas. Here, we introduce visitors to Nancy Wake, the legendary World War II secret agent. Wake went from journalist to guerilla fighter, leading 7,000+ women and men in combat.


We created BuzzFeed-style stickers and asked visitors to reflect on their ability to keep a secret. While whimsical, the question makes Nancy’s story more personal. Once visitors make their selection, they get to see how others have voted as well.

Score quizzes to personalize results

Light-hearted, educational or serious… scored quizzes can help visitors learn about themselves and your collection. Someone taking the “How Green Are You” Quiz above puts their knowledge to the test. In the end, they learn about making smarter environmental choices but also, how they stack up against their peers.


How it works: each answer to the questions in this quiz are assigned a value (This quiz has eight questions and most have only three answers). All the answers are automatically tallied and a unique results page is shown (e.g. ‘you’re an expert’).

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