Museum QR Code Signage Tool-kit

Improve signage, improve engagement

Without a mobile guide distribution plan in place, the most beautiful apps will fail to reach your audience. Data we have collected across our customer’s apps tells us that the strategic use of QR codes is the most effective way to engage your visitors onsite. Download the tool-kit to see how we’ve helped museum teams bring mobile guide conversion from 5% to 35%.

  • Build trust and enjoyment by leading audiences to quality content (don’t rely on linking to your home page repeatedly)
  • Use simple and easy-to-read signage that focuses just on app distribution
  • Place QR codes in gathering/waiting areas as well as throughout the galleries/site
  • Share QR codes pre-visit, post-visit, on visitor tickets, the museum website, and social media
  • Experiment with prompts or questions to entice visitors to scan a QR code


Best Practices

Primary Wall Signage & Posters

– Large format for lobbies, registration area, hallways, café

– Clear directions to access the app

– Quick statement about why someone would want to use the app


Wall & Object Signage

– QR code should link to the page about the artwork and/or the tour to cut down on unnecessary effort for your visitor

– Put the in-depth interpretation in the app and use the wall label for shorter stories and a call to action to encourage app usage

– Use artwork in the wall label if the exhibition layout makes it difficult to connect label to object

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Ready to design your signage?

Download our tool-kit as a PowerPoint for easy editing. For the highest quality printing, we recommend using the PDF design file. Please feel free to contact us if you need design files, instead of the PowerPoint version.



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