Explore the future of CultureTech at our free digital event streaming June 11 & 13

Explore the future of CultureTech at our free digital event streaming June 11 & 13

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Virtual User Conference: Check out the Highlights!

Our first ever Virtual User Conference is finished!

We hope you’ll join next year’s sessions. In the meantime, check out our session recaps below and watch the recordings.

CultureConnect Executive Brief

Samantha Diamond kicked off the CultureConnect user conference track with a brief on the company’s strategy, recent acquisition by Axiell, product roadmaps, plans for the future, and some exciting announcements.

Highlights included:

  • How museum technology has progressed from Projects to Products to Platforms, and how we’re building a Cultural Management Ecosystem.
  • The skinny on how CultureConnect and Axiell forged a partnership, why we merged, and what’s been happening since.
  • A rundown of our product roadmap – what guides our product development from a strategic perspective and what that means practically for users.

Special Guests included:

  • Welcome from Axiell’s COO, Maria Wasing from Axiell HQ in Sweden.
  • Previewing our new approach to the platform’s User Interface with Lead Designer, Zoran Hrnjak.
  • Celebrating the promotion of Emily Gumpel, who will now be leading the CultureConnect business at Axiell as the Director of Sales & Operations, CultureConnect.

Axiell’s Digital Ecosystem and Guide to Public Engagement/Access

Learn how Axiell is supporting the move from siloed technologies towards an integrated digital ecosystem. Then, dive into Axiell’s latest public engagement offerings – CultureConnect for audience engagement and Arena for collections online – and how they integrate with your Axiell solutions today.

Highlights included:

  • Overview of the Axiell Cultural Management Ecosystem – how it’s evolved and where it’s going.
  • A customer case study on what the Ecosystem looks like in action – collections management, DAMS, website, collections online, and online exhibitions.
  • An overview of Arena, Axiell’s collections online product.
  • An overview of CultureConnect, Axiell’s audience engagement platform.

Special Guests included:

  • Samantha Diamond, VP of Digital Engagement at Axiell and product lead for CultureConnect
  • Martina Edwardson, Product Lead at Axiell for Arena

CultureConnect: New Products to Meet Your Needs

Emily Gumpel and Lauren Smedley walked through new products launched on the CultureConnect platform in 2020 and 2021. The presentation highlighted the use cases which prompted the launch of each new product, how current museum clients are using the product, and how to implement the product in your own account.

Highlights included:

  • Group Tour Technology
  • Live Stream
  • Image Recognition
  • Google and Facebook Analytics
  • Interactive Map
  • Search
  • Gated Content
  • And a sneak peak at CultureConnect’s new UI for platform users

CultureConnect: Creative Solutions for Mobile Guides

Samantha Diamond and Emily Gumpel moderated this Birds of a Feather session led by three museum clients taking new content, way-finding, and design approaches to their mobile guides.

Highlights included:

  • New Orleans Museum of Art launches an interactive map in their mobile guide to help visitors explore the expanded Sculpture Garden.
  • Lan Su Chinese Garden brings the expertise of dozens of docents together to create content with a point of view, that serves younger audiences, and can supplement their robust guided tours in the future.
  • National Museum of Industrial History uses the mobile guide to launch a desktop-friendly Virtual Field Trip tool to serve teachers pre-visit and post-visit.

Special Guests included:

  • Tracy Kennan, Curator of Education, New Orleans Museum of Art
  • Venus Sun, Director of Communication & Education, Lan Su Chinese Garden
  • Kara Mohsinger, President & CEO, National Museum of Industrial History

Creative Solutions for Advanced Interactives

Samantha Diamond and Emily Gumpel moderated this Birds of a Feather session led by three museum clients who launched online exhibitions and distance learning experiences during COVID-19.

Highlights included:

  • The Northampton County Historical & Genealogical Society launches a distance learning experience for Grades 3-7 that helps local students connect their county’s history with their diverse communities, today.
  • The Fairfield Museum & History Center launches, tests, and iterates a distance learning application and now has a monetization plan for 2022.
  • Missouri Historical Society pivots to an online exhibition to keep their Gateway to Pride exhibition launch on track. Filled with personal stories, a deep dive into their collections, and opportunities to collect more stories from the public, the online exhibition offers a long-term solution.

Special Guests included:

  • Holly Houser, Education Coordinator, Northampton County Historical & Genealogical Society
  • Tara Tomaselli, School Programs Manager and Walt Matis, Program & Volunteer Coordinator for the Fairfield Museum & History Center
  • Angela Dietz, Director of Digital Initiatives, Missouri Historical Society


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