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Upgrading to Axiell Collections

What you need to know about making the move from Adlib to Axiell Collections. This page features the key differences between Adlib and Axiell Collections, a video demonstration of the changes, and information and FAQs about the process of upgrading.

Why upgrade to Axiell Collections

Future proof your software

By making the move to Axiell Collections, you buy into the future of our product roadmap. We are committed to innovating Collections to ensure it is the best collections management system on the market. The feature-set is always evolving, and by contributing to our ideas portal, you become part of that development process.

Access collections anywhere with a web-based interface

Unlike traditional collections management software, Axiell Collections doesn’t keep you tied to your desk. Manage your collections online, anytime, anywhere through your desktop, laptop or tablet. Whether you’re working in an exhibition space, organising a storage area or in a meeting, your collections data is at your fingertips.

Improved performance and user experience

We've made improvements to the user interface, so it's more intuitive and enjoyable to use. We've also improved the speed and performance of the software.

A flexible and personalized platform

Axiell Collections now features personalization options in the front-end of the platform. This allows users to create search forms, screen orders and grid view options etc. These preferences are all automatically saved in the user’s profile and will be available anywhere the user logs on.

Searching is made much simpler

The ability to create customised search forms allows for easier and more efficient access to records. In addition, the auto suggest function helps the user pick search terms that actually exist in the data. The new simple search option enables the user to search multiple fields at once.

Unlock multiple views

The multiple views feature enables users to view multiple panels at once. This makes it possible to see the result of a search in the grid while also seeing the details of the selected/highlighted record in the grid. If necessary, other views, such as the media viewer, can also be open at the same time.

See the relationships your collections share

Collections provides an overview of a selected record’s relations. With the Related Record view it is a simple matter to see that an object is linked to an exhibition record, loan, conservation treatment and other objects for instance, and to navigate to.

Be specific with map views

Records that contain geographical references can be plotted on a map to show selected records in their geographical context. Multiple layers/contexts can be plotted on a map using different colours.

Bulk creation of records

When creating multiple records with similar data, simplify data entry by creating one or more copies of a record, each with a unique identifier, and updating only the differences.

Assign tasks for your users

Tasks can be defined by the Application Administrator to automate modifications to any number of selected records, for instance to clean-up data, or conditionally add metadata. Forms can be used to request input from users before running the task.

Importing & exporting

Users have various options for importing and exporting data. Selected records can be exported directly into Excel, and to XML or CSV. Users can also pick any field from the data dictionary for export. A smart import function enables users to import data from CSV files, and a test function allows for verification of data before it is imported.

Access to new add-on products

Future add-on developments including workflow tools will be integrated with Axiell Collections rather than Adlib

Video Demonstration

Why upgrade, demonstrating key feature differences, and what to expect when you upgrade. Please note: we are in the process of updating this video; as such, some information may be out of date. 


Frequently asked questions about upgrading from Adlib

We’ve highlighted some of the most common questions about upgrading to Axiell Collections.

Will there be any feature gaps existing between Adlib and Axiell Collections?

Currently only a small set of features are not shared between the two platforms, with most of these already in development or planned for inclusion. For example, ‘favourites’ in a field is already planned for development.

Can Axiell Collections only be used as a cloud service from Axiell?

No, customers who need to can run Axiell Collections as a local installation. We do however, generally recommend using our managed hosting service for Axiell Collections for optimum performance and support.

Is it possible to work offline?

No, you need an internet connection to access Axiell Collections. If wifi reception is bad at your site, this can also be a wired connection.

Can Adlib and Axiell Collections be run at the same time?

No, Axiell Collections should be used as a standalone product and customers should move away from their Adlib system.

How does Axiell Collections control access and user permissions?

It’s the same as Adlib – you can create and control access rights within Axiell Designer.

Does bulk linking work within the database?

Yes, it works in very much the same ways as Adlib does.

Does Collections support two factor authentication

Yes, it does and password reset functionality have been integrated

Is there a place in record functions for bulk editing?

Yes, this is very similar to how it currently works in Adlib

Is there a spellcheck built in?

Because Collections is running through a browser, and most browsers have built in spell checks so Google Chrome for example shows up when you’ve misspelled words in fields.

Standard terms are still handled through the thesaurus.

How does reporting compare?

The functionality for reporting is very similar to Adlib but the capacity for reporting is higher in Axiell Collections.

How fast does Axiell Collections respond versus Adlib?

It already performs faster than Adlib and more performance enhancements are in progress.

The upgrade process
Does the Adlib database need to be migrated for Axiell Collections?

No, Axiell Collections and Adlib use the same database. Your Adlib database will need to be checked for inconsistencies and have any issues resolved. We have tools that automatically scan your database and provide a report of any issues.

I have made customisations to my Adlib application. Will these be lost when I upgrade to Axiell Collections?

Most likely not. Because Adlib and Collections use the same platform and database, your Adlib configuration can be used for Collections. Your Adlib customisations will need to be assessed for any inconsistencies with Collections and have these issues resolved.

What is the implementation time for Axiell Collections?

How long it takes to implement Collections depends on whether your institution uses a standard or customised Adlib application. A standard Adlib application simply requires an upgrade to version 4.5.2, which is Collections ready. Customised Adlib applications need to be assessed and will require more time.

Do I need to purchase a new licence for Axiell Collections?

No, for Adlib customers with a maintenance contract, the upgrade to Axiell Collections does not incur a licence cost.

Will there be any implementation costs?

This will depend on the current Adlib application version and customisation. You can request a quote to assess the price.

Will the upgrade process affect our public facing Collections on our sites?

No, it shouldn’t unless you are very drastically changing your data structure. This might happen if you are working with a very old version currently. But we can identify this for you during the migration process.

Do I need any particular hardware or software to run Axiell Collections?

You can find the technical requirements for Axiell Collections here.

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