Audio Tours & Mobile Apps

Mix-and-match from a wide range of mobile offerings including audio guide essentials and interactive mobile guides

Product Highlights

  • Way-finding: Interactive maps, GPS maps, GIS-Maps, Number Keypad, and Image Recognition
  • Special Pages: Events, Connect, Donate, and Sponsorship 
  • Media: Images, Audio, Video, 360 tours, and 3D objects!
  • Accessibility features & Multi-language support
  • Bespoke Design: Customize everything. Reflect your brand. 
  • Advanced Interactive Features: Animated Hotspots; Surveys; Favoriting; Social Media; Quizzes; React & Respond Modules and more!
  • Gate Content: Restrict content to members or ticket holders and enable monetization

Interactive Way-finding Maps

Create gorgeous, fully customized, and interactive maps for easy navigation through your buildings, gardens, or campus.

Pick from your way-finding toolkit also including GIS-enabled maps and Image Recognition.

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Interactive Features

Go beyond traditional audio tours! Create two-way interactivity with forms and surveys and interactive quizzes and reaction modules.

Enhance interpretation with animated touchpoints and image mosaic galleries.

Add a wide-range of supported media across video, audio, animation, 3D, and images. Or embed third-party media & maps.

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