Axiell launches mobile app for libraries to boost patron engagement!

Axiell launches mobile app for libraries to boost patron engagement!

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How It Works

CultureConnect’s innovative creator platform powers a suite of mobile, in-gallery and online products. Grow your digital program with one streamlined system, fewer headaches, and more cost-effective, longer-lived projects.

Cloud-Based, Easy-to-Use Designer and Content Management System

No coding required so any staff can create, publish, manage and track. Yet, powerful and flexible out-of-the-box to support your entire digital engagement program.

Features to help you easily create engaging and meaningful interactive digital experiences:

  • Media: Leverage images, gifs, audio, video, 3D content, animations, and interactive maps.
  • Design: Create responsive, white-label, bespoke digital experiences with granular control over fonts, colors, layouts configurations, and visual style.
  • Accessibility: Our code is optimized for screen readers. Add alt-tags to any image and easily adjust text size and color contrast.
  • Content Gating: Limit access to content (entire app or specific pages) to restrict access to ticket holders, members, classrooms, or for security purposes. 
  • Analytics & Reporting: Track app performance and user behavior through the dashboard. Or, add your own Google Analytics and Facebook tracking codes.
  • Search: Enable search across content in-app. Extensive controls in the platform for customizing what is searchable and how it displays to users.
  • Multiple languages: Easily add translated text or media in over 170 supported languages. 
  • Interactive Modules: Increase engagement or feedback with webforms, game modules, image mosaics, hotspots, and many more.


Explore which of our three pricing tiers is right for you. Learn more about our Individual and Enterprise (Unlimited Flat Rate) license options as well as services packages.

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Powerful Integrations

Learn more about how the CultureConnect platform integrates with your institution’s systems from collections management and DAMS to ticketing and membership.

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