Scavenger Hunts & Games

Encourage exploration and engagement with discovery-based challenges

Product Highlights

  • Mix and Match 4 Clue Styles: Photo Challenges, Free Response, Multiple Choice and Check-in
  • Way-finding: Combine with indoor and outdoor way-finding functionality
  • Social Media & Sharing: Users can share their photos and responses in the game
  • Easily Grow Your Digital Program: Bundle with audio guides or group tours, or offer a standalone experience
  • For Kids & Adults: Customize the experience for any age group from early childhood to adults
  • Track Performance: Visitors can track their progress, reset, and play again!

Get in the Game!

Our Scavenger Hunts work within buildings, parks and gardens, or across cities.

Create a unique interactive experience that will suit audiences of all ages, project goals, and collections stories.

• Use a mix of all four clue types or focus on specific ones.
• Helps users track as they complete challenges.
• Users can reset the game and play again!
• Photo Challenge and Free Response clue types prompt users to share on social

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