Virtual Programs and Distance Learning

Deliver virtual events, live lectures, or distance learning experiences to K12 students and adult learners.

Product Highlights

  • Livestream: Video integrations empower you to deliver live lectures, provide early access for new exhibitions, or give historic house and walking tours.
  • Monetize Your Content: Restrict access for virtual programs to ticket holders, members, or those with access tokens.
  • Distance Learning: Package up complete digital education experiences to reach students and teachers even when field trips or in-classroom experiences are not possible.
  • Interactive Modules: From quizzes and layered content exploration to downloadable documents, social media sharing, and public discussion module integrations.
  • Easy Publishing: Distribute across the web to audiences on all screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Video & Livestream Integrations

Livestream or pre-recorded videos launch in multiple modes allowing for free navigation around the application while video still plays.

Curator or artist talks feature deeper stories about exhibition objects. Then, link to collections search, naturally promoting further exploration of the collection.

Live lectures or virtual programs can feature supplemental content and media for close examination during and after the lecture.

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Gate Your Content and Monetize

Gate content for ticket holders, members, or specific classrooms.

Promote before, during and after a scheduled event. Provide early access to supplemental content in the app to encourage sign ups.

Collect feedback and increase engagement through react/response modules and forms.

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Offer Distance Learning to Students Anywhere

Remote learning for K12 students, adult learners, home-bound elderly, or those in rural communities far from your institution.

Create a complete, packaged up, digital learning module that’s easy to deliver across web and mobile.

Include multimedia from images and gifs to 3D objects and Interactive Maps. Add fun quizzes or formal learning assessments.

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Virtual Field Trips

Use Livestream or recorded videos to engage students in demonstrations, dialogue, or tours.

Create lesson plans and supplemental materials that align to grade level and learning standards. Provide teacher guides to support instruction and student assignments.

Reach families or schools too far to travel or without adequate funding for field trips.

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