Advanced Interactives

Our most feature-rich and flexible product. Adept at telling stories of both breadth and depth in-gallery, online and even on mobile devices.

Product Highlights

  • Powerful & Flexible: Huge selection of template options, custom configurations, and design controls to push your digital interactives to the next level.
  • Better Return on Investment: Eliminates the need for costly custom jobs or one-off projects.
  • Publish Anywhere: Flexible across any screen size: tablets and kiosks, large touchscreens, touch walls, and touch tables.
  • Security Controls: Publish offline or in kiosk mode for security, access control, and hassle-free maintenance. Or, publish to the web and mobile! 
  • Rich & Interactive Media: Supports all media – images, audio, video, 3D objects, animations, and maps.
  • Accessibility Features & Multi-language Support

Engage Across the Collection

Present your audience with a user-friendly interface that’s tailored to your mix of interactivity and in-depth scholarly content.

The Masonry layout system is perfect for sharing many items at once while the Column Swipe layouts showcase collection highlights or themes.

Share significant amounts of content that’s still easy to navigate. Use tags to both populate your applications and power search capabilities.

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Timelines and Accessible Design

Timeline layouts are powerful digital interpretation and engagement tools. Bottom Scroll is perfect for accessible kiosks, keeping navigation persistent at the bottom of the screen.

Bundle different digital experiences together into one application for maximum flexibility in sharing your collection stories.

Easily iterate content based on user feedback, collection objects rotating on/off view, or to accommodate temporary exhibitions.

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Interactive Maps

Interactive maps are an important tool for way-finding through your galleries, garden, or campus.

Or, use this tool to create clickable images of salon walls, display cases, or details of individual artworks or objects!

Display on a large touchscreen while also making it available on mobile devices.

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Build Your Own Collection

Visitors can save their favorites while exploring your collection. Then, they can drag, drop, and resize their selections onto a series of backgrounds.

Perfect for building personalized curio cabinets, salon walls, or specimen drawers. Get creative or shape it as a student assignment.

Completing the experience, visitors can then email themselves a snapshot of their creation.

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Interactive Modules and Media

Enrich your digital interactives with a host of rich media options from images, GIFs, animations, video, 3D objects and scenes, and zoom settings.

Interactive modules offer visitors a way to engage and express themselves. Hotspots and the Image Mosaic module take your images to the next level.

Incorporate third-party media like GIS maps, Spotify playlists, podcasts, 360 tours and more with our universal embed feature.

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